Speakers Bureau
Pro-Life means a respect and understanding of the intrinsic value of every human life, regardless of age or disability. It means each of us is a human being worthy of dignity and respect from fertilization to natural death.

Our Speakers Bureau provides educational presentations on all right-to-life topics. Experienced speakers, many of them teachers, lawyers, doctors and nurses, are available for any size group to virtually any organization. Topics include abortion, fetal experimentation, genetic engineering, cloning, infanticide, partial-birth abortion, euthanasia, assisted-suicide, natural family planning, abstinence, fetal development with life-size fetal models, and other topics.

Presentations are available for your group of any size. These presentations are generally cost-free to the organization. Donations are, of course, welcome. Our programs have been presented in schools, churches, neighborhood coffees, civic, social and fraternal organization meetings, and other gatherings. A wide range of presentation materials are also available for loan to organizations requesting them.

To arrange for a presentation or the loan of materials, call our office at 630-852-5448 or email us
The Pro-Life movement supports
The Pro-Life movement opposes
the unborn
the disabled
unethical fetal experimentation
the elderly
unethical genetic engineering
the terminally ill
infanticide (denial of nourishment and medical care)
euthanasia (so-called "mercy-killing")