How to file a Witness Slip in the Illinois General Assembly


Register online with the Illinois General Assembly in order to file witness slips (your views on legislation).   Please follow the directions below.   After you have registered you can file witness slips on pro-life related legislation that we alert you to.  Please register now. 


STEPS TO REGISTER ONLINE: (It's a little complicated and you may want to jot down this sequence or print out this part of it so when you leave this page you can continue to complete the registration to file Witness Slips.)


1.     Go to the Illinois General Assembly Website at

2.     At the website, click on GA Dashboard found in red under Reports and Inquiry

3.     At the Dashboard site, click on Register on the left column

4.     At the Create an Account page, follow the requests to put in your email and create your password.   Check that you agree to the Terms and Agreements and then click register.

5.     You will receive an email acknowledging your registration. You must confirm your registration from that email.

6.     Now that you have created an account, you can log in whenever you need to file a witness slip.


WHEN YOU WISH TO FILE A WITNESS SLIP: follow the instructions below on how to do this:


1.     First, follow the directions above (steps 1 and 2) to get to the GA Dashboard once you are registered.


2.     When you are there, click log in found at the upper right of the screen.


3.     Then click Senate or House as appropriate at the left of the screen.


4.     Then click Committees at the left of the screen.


5.     Go down to find the appropriate Committee and if it says Scheduled to the right of it, click on the second icon View Committee Hearings.


6.     Then, click on View Legislation on right.


7.     When bills appear, find the bill of interest and click on the second icon Create Witness Slip (a pen and paper).


8.     Complete the witness form. Your personal information will be filled in from your registration data. Leave the Description as Original Bill. Make sure to select either opponent or proponent based on the bill you are referring to under POSITION and record of appearance only under TESTIMONY. Type in the Captcha code, check the Terms of Agreement then click Create (Slip).


If hundreds of people throughout the state do this, it would be a powerful message for Pro-Life bills and against Anti-Life bills and the members of the committee will take notice.